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Sex Work Ads 1978

Archive Entry Date: 1/20-26/1978

Trans people turn to sex work due to workplace exclusion

A Prisoner of Sex Escapes Into Society’s Cage

Archive Entry Date: November 5-11, 1976

A profile of Steve Dain, a transgender man who was barred from teaching at Emery High following transition

Berkeley Fights Back: J.D. v Lackner

Archive Entry Date: September 24-30, 1976

Court case J.D. v Lackner threatens Medi-Cal coverage of trans healthcare and Berkeley fights back

Weather Critique of Teacher Strike

Archive Entry Date: 1/16/1976

The Barb on the fractures that made the teachers' strike difficult

Win Some, Lose Some

Archive Entry Date: 10/31/75

The teachers' strike was a draw, according to the Barb's city-beat reporter

Transsexuals’ Dilemma

Archive Entry Date: 7/12-18/1974

A TERF writes about Angela and she shows her true colors

Berkeley Barb Slanders Douglas

Archive Entry Date: 1974

Mirage responds to the July 1974 profile of Douglas in the Barb

Trans Radio Programming

Archive Entry Date: 2/20/1970

There was more public conversation about trans people than most realize.

Pigs Get Press, Press Press Back

Archive Entry Date: 5/30/1969

The photographer Nacio Jan Brown found himself at the center of the story

HIPpocrates: The Barb’s Medical Columnist on Trans Issues

Archive Entry Date: 1/1/2012

Biological Determinism in The Berkeley Barb

Cal TA’s in the Soup

Archive Entry Date: 2/21/1969

The Cal TA union voted to strike after 17 TAs were busted on a TWLF picket line