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It’s a Teen-Age Thing to Do: Rocky Horror at Berkeley

Archive Entry Date: 9/29/1978

Crossdressing becomes hot in Berkeley.

“Bowker Bumsout Blacks”

Archive Entry Date: 6/23/2972

A piece of Peoria history.

“Obvious Communication”-Betye Saar, Arthur Moore, and Cleveland Bellows

Archive Entry Date: 2/3/1972

A meeting of the minds for Black Arts Day

Newspaper Roommate Hunting

Archive Entry Date: 6/25/1971

Trans people need a place to live too.

Helicopter Drops Tear Gas on Sproul Plaza

Archive Entry Date: 5/20/1969

A helicopter spraying tear gas on demonstrators on the Cal campus

Berkeley Strikers Battle Police

Archive Entry Date: 2/28/1969

Battles between strikers and police led to greater support for the TWLF among students and TAs