Documents Tagged ‘Transphobia’

Post Office Harasses Trans Worker

Archive Entry Date: 3/26/1976

A modern-sounding defense of transgender rights

Erotic Minorities: Defining Trans People

Archive Entry Date: 4/4/1975

The Berkeley Barb's definitions of sexual minorities.

Of Infidels and Inquisitions

Archive Entry Date: 6/30/1973

Beth Elliot's response to attacks at the West Coast Lesbian Conference

Robin Morgan Slanders Beth Elliott

Archive Entry Date: 6/30/1972

Morgan possibly tries to incite violence at West Coast Lesbian Conference

“Same Old Shit”

Archive Entry Date: 5/1/1973

Berkeley feminists reacted badly to a trans woman speaking at a lesbian conference

LA Underground Newspaper on Beth Elliott Controversy

Archive Entry Date: 4/20/1973

Beth Elliott continued to get flack

Beth Elliott

Archive Entry Date: 4/20/1973

A photo of Beth Elliott performing as a musician

Letter From A Transsexual??

Archive Entry Date: 12/1/1970

Feminist editors ridiculed a trans woman—and excluded trans women from their vision of radical feminism