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Berkeley School Desegregation through the Eyes of Carol Sibley

Archive Entry Date: 3/24/2010

A video narrating Berkeley's school desegregation, produced by a friend of a pioneering School Board member

School Desegregation in Berkeley

Archive Entry Date: 8/1977

From the US Commission on Civil Rights, an account and positive appraisal of Berkeley's desegregation efforts

Schools Win Praise While Losing Ground

Archive Entry Date: 9/10/1976

Activists disputed the Civil Rights Commission's initial positive take on the Berkeley schools

Berkeley and Busing—Still Short of Aims

Archive Entry Date: 5/20/1976

Eight years after the buses rolled, a LA Times reporter suggested the project of school desegregation had become ever more complicated

Desegregation’s Results: Berkeley No Longer Has a Siberia

Archive Entry Date: 4/21/1976

The black-oriented Oakland Post offered a positive take on school desegregation in Berkeley

“Desegregation is Failing to Meet Education Goals”

Archive Entry Date: 03/17/1976

The Berkeley Gazette put a strongly negative spin on a superintendent's report on desegregation

Giving Children the Gift of Identity

Archive Entry Date: 12/17/1975

Black children's literature advocates for positive self-esteem, not just reading comprehension.

Berkeley College Prep A Success

Archive Entry Date: 06/18/1975

A different narrative about minority achievement and experimental schools.

“Berkeley’s ‘Under-Educated’ Blacks”

Archive Entry Date: 04/19/1973

Harriet G. Jenkins, assistant schools superintendent, submits a list of recommendations to improve the district's record on minority achievement.

Decision Due on Alternative Schools

Archive Entry Date: 12/10/71

The BUSD fought a federal effort to shut down Black House and Casa de la Raza

Asian Student Retreat

Archive Entry Date: 5/31/71

From Berkeley High's 1971 yearbook, a poem, portraits, and reflections on an Asian Studies retreat

Negro Educator Group Endorses Black House

Archive Entry Date: 3/2/71

The Oakland-based Black Aces articulated the rationale for Berkeley's "Black House"

How School Busing Works in One Town

Archive Entry Date: 9/27/1970

The New York Times Magazine sympathetically appraised Berkeley's desegregation efforts

Performing Arts Group Creates Model School

Archive Entry Date: 12/31/68

Berkeley's first experimental public school: a new "Community High" that would build relationships between students and locals

Berkeley’s School Integration Program Proceeds Smoothly

Archive Entry Date: 9/2/1968

On the advent of the new busing program, the LA Times found cause for optimism

On The Way

Archive Entry Date: 8/31/1968

On the eve of the buses rolling, the school district laid out how it and the larger community had prepared

Black Studies formed at Berkeley High

Archive Entry Date: 6/30/1968

Berkeley High established the first Black Studies program in the Bay Area

Negro History Taught at All School Levels

Archive Entry Date: 5/15/68

A full desegregation effort meant desegregating the curriculum too

Berkeley ’68

Archive Entry Date: 03/31/1968

Five months before the buses would roll, the BUSD explained how school desegregation would work

Board Adopts New Program on Hiring of Negro Teachers

Archive Entry Date: 1/3/68

School desegregation in Berkeley meant programmatic efforts to hire more black teachers

$349,870 Approved by State For ’68 ESEA School Program Here

Archive Entry Date: 12/16/1967

Federal funds were channeled to programs for Berkeley's poorer children

MLK’s Foreword to Neil Sullivan’s Now Is the Time

Archive Entry Date: 9/1/1967

Frustrated by the slow progress of desegregation, MLK found hope in Berkeley's school system

Berkeley’s Yellow School Buses to Become Symbol of Integration

Archive Entry Date: 3/4/1967

Berkeley took the lead with a two-way busing plan, despite attacks from Republicans