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“In Which Jodi Gets Kidnapped”

Archive Entry Date: 1999

Jodi Mitchell describes scuffling on the street — and the "guardian angels" who saved her

Jodi’s Third Journal

Archive Entry Date: 1971

"Thru understanding, patience, silence, hope, and kindness I must share and spread the love, goodness, truth, and purity of Mother Nature, of God"

Jodi Mitchell’s First Journal

Archive Entry Date: 1970

"I do not love life, or myself yet, I am not at peace with myself yet"

Runaway Roundup—For Revenge?

Archive Entry Date: 7/24/1970

The Barb punched back against police roundups of runaways

Runaway Crackdown Continues

Archive Entry Date: 7/18/1970

Police rousted 175 runaway teens to push them out of town — and found a telling postcard in one raid

Police Begin Crackdown on City’s Summer Runaways

Archive Entry Date: 7/17/1970

Many young people were rounded up within five minutes of arriving in Berkeley

Crash Pad Procedures

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

Berkeley Free Church's careful in-house instructions for the popular crash pad program