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“In Which Jodi Gets Kidnapped”

Archive Entry Date: 1999

Jodi Mitchell describes scuffling on the street — and the "guardian angels" who saved her

Runaway Crackdown Continues

Archive Entry Date: 7/18/1970

Police rousted 175 runaway teens to push them out of town — and found a telling postcard in one raid

Police Begin Crackdown on City’s Summer Runaways

Archive Entry Date: 7/17/1970

Many young people were rounded up within five minutes of arriving in Berkeley

Pigs Get Press, Press Press Back

Archive Entry Date: 5/30/1969

The photographer Nacio Jan Brown found himself at the center of the story

A Telegraph Avenue Bust

Archive Entry Date: c. 1969

The hammer comes down on a long-haired denizen of the Avenue


Archive Entry Date: 3/14/1969

Uncertainty hovered over the TWLF as its leadership attempted to negotiate with Chancellor Heyns

Police Arrest Striker

Archive Entry Date: 03/1969

Cops arresting a TWLF striker on Sproul

Berkeley Strikers Battle Police

Archive Entry Date: 2/28/1969

Battles between strikers and police led to greater support for the TWLF among students and TAs

Campus in Clouds of Tear Gas

Archive Entry Date: 2/1969

Police turned the Cal campus into a militarized war zone

Sunrise at the Oakland Army Induction Center

Archive Entry Date: 10/1967

One of Nacio Jan Brown's favorite photographs: capturing a tense moment in an antiwar protest