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Photograph of Mary Ann Pollar

Archive Entry Date: 1980s

Still smiling in color

James Baldwin Contact Sheet

Archive Entry Date: 5/3/76

Mary Ann Pollar and Baldwin appear here as comrades and co-authors of the Rainbow Sign

A Rainbow of Poetry: The Berkeley Marathon

Archive Entry Date: 7/1/1975

Rainbow Sign sponsored the longest poetry marathon ever, according to the Guinness Book of World Records

The Rainbow Sign Can Use Some Help

Archive Entry Date: 4/18/1975

With Nina Simone's help, Mary Ann Pollar clarified the Rainbow Sign's educational mission

The Rainbow Sign Can Use Some Help

Archive Entry Date: 04/18/1975

Mary Ann Pollar emphasized the educational mission of Rainbow Sign during a fundraising drive

High school senior thanks Mary Ann Pollar

Archive Entry Date: 1973

A high school senior and budding artist credited her graduation partly to help from the women of Rainbow Sign

Mary Ann Pollar invited by Black Women Organized for Action

Archive Entry Date: 11/29/1973

Mary Ann Pollar helped develop strategy to secure economic opportunities for local black women

Rainbow Sign Presents Alice Walker

Archive Entry Date: 4/09/1973

Rainbow Sign was, like Alice Walker's real and imagined worlds, populated by uncompromising black women

Mary Ann Pollar and Herman Kofi Bailey

Archive Entry Date: September 1972

Radical joy

Memo to You from Mary Ann Pollar

Archive Entry Date: August 1972

Pollar posed the question: "If Black people got together, what songs would they sing?"

Mary Ann Pollar at Summer Art Sale

Archive Entry Date: June 1972

Black art for all

Mary Ann Pollar at the Rainbow Sign

Archive Entry Date: c. 1972

Rainbow empress-ario

Bill Smallwood on Mary Ann Pollar

Archive Entry Date: 11/4/1971

Mary Ann Pollar made an Oakland Post columnist want to "run up a flag signifying, Right On!"

Contact Sheet: Shirley Chisholm on the Campaign Trail

Archive Entry Date: 10/30/1971

The Rainbow Sign was a magnet for powerful black women with integrity such as Chisholm

Photograph of Mary Ann Pollar, Henry Pollar and Mary Jane Johnson

Archive Entry Date: August 1971

Kinship and camaraderie

Rainbow Sign Contact Sheet

Archive Entry Date: 1970s

A glimpse inside the building back in the day

Charles Brown

Archive Entry Date: 1971

Brown brought his activist orientation and love of the arts to Rainbow Sign

Photograph of Mary Ann Pollar

Archive Entry Date: 1970s

Ever stylish

Mary Ann Pollar Photograph

Archive Entry Date: 1970s

Young, gifted and black

Mary Ann Pollar Photograph

Archive Entry Date: 1970s

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