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Only One Council Radical; Pot Wins, Split on Police

Archive Entry Date: 04/18/73

The results of the 1973 election as announced by The Berkeley Daily Gazette.

School Board Advertisement

Archive Entry Date: 04/16/1973

More conservative school board candidates were touted as the only candidates with the right "intellectual capacity" for the job

Berkeley’s Outlook Hardly Promising

Archive Entry Date: 04/13/73

Three columns of discontent from moderate and conservative Berkeleyans.

Berkeley City Council Voting Record

Archive Entry Date: 04/11/73

A curated account of city council voting records prepared by the Berkeley League of Women Voters.

April Coalition Materials Plastered on Mailboxes

Archive Entry Date: 04/10/73

"The Greater Berkeley Community" shook its fist at radical candidates for City Council

The Berkeley Daily Gazette Endorses Fraenkel-Conrat and Roh

Archive Entry Date: 04/09/1973

"A broad base of citizens supports the candidacies of both Mrs. Fraenkel-Conrat and Gene Roh."

School Board Must Face Four Major Issues Here

Archive Entry Date: 04/9/73

The School Board Director laid out the critical problems the new school board would face

Gene Roh Fights For Quality Education

Archive Entry Date: 04/05/1973

Candidate Gene Roh, probation officer and concerned citizen, threw his hat in the ring.

YES on Charter Measure

Archive Entry Date: 04/05/73

The Gazette supported a salary increase for school board directors

School Labor Agreement to Wait for Election

Archive Entry Date: 04/04/1973

The status of certified employees and of black principals made for a very hot school board meeting