The Oakland Post again reports a different narrative of minority achievement and empowerment, detailing the findings of Daphne Muse, a specialist in black children’s literature at Mills College, about perceptions black children have of themselves because of the ways they are written about (or not written about) in children’s literature.  “When a child opens a book and it consistently portrays him in a secondary role, he will feel secondary,” Muse said, holding a workshop in order to show Berkeley students positive and powerful depictions of black characters in children’s literature, the workshop concluding with a sixth grader at Malcolm X writing a poem titled, “How I Love Myself.”  Before the workshop, Muse told the Post that none of the children had known why their school was called Malcolm X; this would seem to indicate that efforts to desegregate administrative honors and curriculum may have been somewhat successful at communicating the meaningfulness of this desegregation to young students, erasing the boost in self-esteem that it was meant to inspire.