In an editorial teeming with fiscal concern and questionable uses of quotation marks, The Berkeley Daily Gazette endorses two candidates that it thinks will “represent an excellent blend of thinking and concerns needed by the school district as it faces a difficult four years.” The first few paragraphs of the editorial outline the Gazette’s frustration with “too much politics in the classroom, too many gimmicks and too little education in basic skills,” mitigating their endorsements with the admission that “there are no strong candidates running who offer anything like a genuine new direction–but there are two candidates in the field who are at least making emphasis on basic skills their primary concern.” One of these candidates, Gene Roh, is introduced as bringing an “‘Asian’ perspective to the board,” though the Gazette takes care to note that “Roh’s Korean extraction [is not what] makes him a qualified candidate…he brings a background of years of work both with students and teachers.”