In response to news that VICE raids were happening on publications that advertise prostitution such as the Barb, as notified in the previous issue of The Bay Area Reporter, opinion columnist William Beardemphl gave his two cents, which seem to be largely in favor of police control. The op-ed begins on the bottom righthand corner of the document on the left. His attitude, essentially, is that folks who advertise for prostitution in publications get what they ask for, though he seems to be in favor of making prostitution legal. In general, he lacks any sort of empathy of support for those who are forced into prostitution because they are unable to secure a job, or for those who simply choose that as their profession. Moreover, it seems he sides with the police, which is an oddity even in the gay community due to large amounts of police violence. The fact that this is published in The Bay Area Reporter a newspaper supposedly for “every faction of the gay community,” is entirely ironic but speaks to the true readership and authorship of the publication. This is a publication for cis white gay men who don’t have to live in constant fear of the police. If this were truly a person who supported prostitutes, and a publication that did, it would advocate on behalf of protection for the entire community and organize methods to keep trans sex workers safe.