This article, part of The Los Angeles Free Press’s coverage on the West Coast Lesbian Conference, explains some of the events of the conference and sheds light on many of the dynamics and splits within feminist and lesbian groups at the time.

The main body of the article doesn’t specifically refer to Beth Elliott as it has already talked about her performance, as can be seen here. However, it does feature a photo of Beth Elliott in the bottom corner. Additionally, many of the comments made in the main article about lesbian and feminists attitudes toward men would have been the same attitudes aimed at Beth Elliott, since they insisted on misgendering trans people so entirely.

The article does not seem to notice the irony of putting the quote “Nobody wants their queers” at the top of an article that misgenders a trans woman and paints bisexual (and, surprisingly for the time, asexual) women as the basically heterosexual enemies of lesbians.