The constitution is clearly adopted from Afro-American Student Union with many of the edits being replacing “AASU” or “Black” with “Third World Liberation Front” or “Third World peoples.” It is important to note and acknowledge how twLF was heavily driven by AASU and their original struggle for Black Studies, which was consequently stalled in 1968 by the University administration.

Additionally, the pronoun usage of “he” throughout the constitution, which primarily outlines leadership positions poses questions on the gender dynamics of the movement. It is also notable that this draft of the constitution only includes three co-chairmen when the final coalition consisted of four organizations (AASU, MASC, AAPA, and NAP). This draft of the coalition at the time did not include the Native American Party and its founder, the first Indigenous student, and only womxn of color in consistent leadership during the strike, LaNada Warjack.