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Native American Studies Proposal

Archive Entry Date: 1969

"To a considerable degree all who reside in the United States have been 'Indianized' while at the same time, of course, Indians have become 'Europeanized.'"

Chancellor Heyns to Academic Senate

Archive Entry Date: 3/4/1969

Heyns lambasted the strike and argued for an Ethnic Studies unit bound by university protocols

Chicano Studies Proposal

Archive Entry Date: 1969

"The present needs of the Chicano must be met in such a way to...sustain self confidence and provide a feeling of acceptance on the student's terms."

Asian Studies Proposal

Archive Entry Date: 1969

"The roots of the Asian-American lie in Asia. A knowledge of history is essential; most pertinent is history involving Western man."

Third World College Proposal

Archive Entry Date: 3/1969

The goal of a detailed plan for a Third World College: radical education out of the radical imagination

twLF Negotiation Notes

Archive Entry Date: 2/1969

The strategy for negotiations with the University

Black Studies Proposal

Archive Entry Date: Spring 1968

The proposal which inspired and laid the groundwork for the Third World College