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Three Girls In Costume

Archive Entry Date: 1/1/2012

A piece of Peoria history.

Jodi’s Foreword

Archive Entry Date: 2002

"May all roads lead you home."

“In Which Jodi Gets Kidnapped”

Archive Entry Date: 1999

Jodi Mitchell describes scuffling on the street — and the "guardian angels" who saved her

Down and Out in Berkeley

Archive Entry Date: 5/1974

A sober 80-page study of life on the street, arguing that 'hippies' were not a large fraction of the homeless

Street Scene Across from Moe’s Books

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

An image that asks the eye to roam over it

Police Begin Crackdown on City’s Summer Runaways

Archive Entry Date: 7/17/1970

Many young people were rounded up within five minutes of arriving in Berkeley

Crash Pad Procedures

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

Berkeley Free Church's careful in-house instructions for the popular crash pad program

Street Vendors on Telegraph

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

In a photo, a window onto the handicrafts revolution

A Scene of Grooming

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

A young woman tends to the hair of a young man

Three Young Men on the Corner

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

A popular place to wile away the hours: on the sidewalk facing Moe's Books