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Berkeley and Busing—Still Short of Aims

Archive Entry Date: 5/20/1976

Eight years after the buses rolled, a LA Times reporter suggested the project of school desegregation had become ever more complicated

School Expenses Error Discovered

Archive Entry Date: 03/13/1976

A half-million dollar overestimate in expenses potentially halved the budget deficit

Thomas Responds to Auditors

Archive Entry Date: 03/05/1976

Thomas responds to his detractors, laying the blame for the budget crisis squarely at the feet of the school board and superintendent.

“Shenanigans but no fraud”

Archive Entry Date: 03/03/1976

An independent audit of BUSD's budget practices found something funny with the money, but no illegal activity.

School Board Nixes Tax Hike Vote

Archive Entry Date: 03/02/1976

Director Louise Stoll's proposal to put a tax-rate hike on the ballot fell short

Bill Thomas Resigns

Archive Entry Date: 06/17/1975

Looming deficits prompted the district's business manager to resign under a cloud

School Specialists To Fill Teacher Vacancies

Archive Entry Date: 04/16/1975

Superintendent Wilson seeks to slim out the teacher and administrative base.

School Turmoil Finally Over

Archive Entry Date: 04/09/1975

Berkeley teachers appeared to have reached an agreement on their 1975-1976 contract

School Fine For Administrators

Archive Entry Date: 04/03/1975

The administration of experimental schools once again proved problematic for the district

Administrative Staff Cut

Archive Entry Date: 04/02/1975

Superintendent Wilson recommended cuts to administrators involved in early educational development

Bus Drivers ‘Sick’

Archive Entry Date: 10/73

A largely black and female workforce took action to achieve pay equity

Union Letter of Acceptance

Archive Entry Date: 9/25/73

The bus drivers' union accepted the school board's offer

Special Meeting on Negotiations with Bus Drivers

Archive Entry Date: 9/25/73

Minutes from a special school board meeting, convened to address the bus drivers' job action

School Board Considering Plan to Help Minority Achievement

Archive Entry Date: 04/25/1973

The school board and their audience "had harsh words for the report"