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40 Years Later, Jodi Mitchell Reflects on Her Time on the Streets

Archive Entry Date: 12/25/2012

"I felt myself receding, disappearing behind a veil, ...fearing I may never find my way back"

Nacio Jan Brown at Berkeley’s Journalism School

Archive Entry Date: 9/2012

The photographer speaks about his career and Rag Theater

Foreword to Rag Theater

Archive Entry Date: 1975

Thomas Farber's poetic and sharply etched portrait of life on Telegraph Ave

Portrait of Kathy Delacour

Archive Entry Date: c. 1973

"People were just drawn to her"

A Rooftop View

Archive Entry Date: c. 1973

In the aftermath of a Telegraph Ave protest, the crowd disperses

A Troubling Smile

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

An older man lifting up a woman's shirt, in a jumbled-up moment on the Ave

An Arm with a Grim Reaper Tattoo

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

Death, taking a hit

Three Card Molly on Telegraph Ave

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

In a card game, street hustle and performance art

Girl Rolling Joint

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

A moment in the churn of Telegraph Avenue life

Young Woman with Dog

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

On the street, with a dog nestling at her feet

Three Friends Outside Rag Theatre

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

An abbreviated moment of dress-up and dreaming

Rachel Krech with Her Dog on the Avenue

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

A beguiling photograph of childhood play on Telegraph

Martha Krech at Caffé Mediterraneum

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

Rachel's mother at Telegraph's most popular hangout

Street Vendors on Telegraph

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

In a photo, a window onto the handicrafts revolution

A Pair on the Stage of “Rag Theater”

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

Flanked by a middle finger and question marks

The Street Scene Outside Rag Theatre

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

The motion and life of Telegraph Avenue, in a photograph jammed with contrasts

Girl with Egg

Archive Entry Date: c. 1969

The portrait that helped 'Rag Theater' click into place