Documents Tagged ‘minority achievement’

Black Studies Loss Criticized at Berkeley High School

Archive Entry Date: 9/28/77

The head of Berkeley High's Af-Am program defended the integrity and openness of his program

Giving Children the Gift of Identity

Archive Entry Date: 12/17/1975

Black children's literature advocates for positive self-esteem, not just reading comprehension.

Berkeley College Prep A Success

Archive Entry Date: 06/18/1975

A different narrative about minority achievement and experimental schools.

Malcolm X Celebration

Archive Entry Date: 05/14/1975

Berkeley's Black Studies program held an arts celebration to remember

The Rainbow Sign Can Use Some Help

Archive Entry Date: 04/18/1975

Mary Ann Pollar emphasized the educational mission of Rainbow Sign during a fundraising drive

School Board Considering Plan to Help Minority Achievement

Archive Entry Date: 04/25/1973

The school board and their audience "had harsh words for the report"

“Berkeley’s ‘Under-Educated’ Blacks”

Archive Entry Date: 04/19/1973

Harriet G. Jenkins, assistant schools superintendent, submits a list of recommendations to improve the district's record on minority achievement.