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A Showcase for Garcia’s Styles

Archive Entry Date: 12/23/76

Freedom of musical expression and style was possible for musicians at the Keystone Berkeley

Jerry Garcia Band at the Keystone Berkeley (AUDIO)

Archive Entry Date: 12/22/76

Musical experimentation and appreciation goin' down in 1976

April ’76

Archive Entry Date: 4/1/76

Local band heavy in April '76

From Country to Jazz—A Snap

Archive Entry Date: 6/14/1974

What was old is new again. The Great American String Band combine styles to make something new at the Keystone Berkeley

The Great American String Band from the Keystone Berkeley (AUDIO)

Archive Entry Date: 6/13/1974

Americana on display in this June 13, 1974 Great American String Band set.

Waiting for Jerry Garcia

Archive Entry Date: 5/10/74

Sam Silver evoked the bold music on offer at the Keystone Berkeley, and the bold audience that welcomed it

Garcia At the Keystone

Archive Entry Date: 2/22/74

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunder's musical beauty could outshine commercial ugliness

Johnny Winter Frosted by Nixed Keystone Hype

Archive Entry Date: 8/24/73

A telling battle, over music promotion, between the guitarist Johnny Winter and the Keystone's owner