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Early Slayer show at the Keystone Berkeley (VIDEO)

Archive Entry Date: 5/23/84

Slayer rips apart the Keystone Berkeley

Hugh Mundell Live (AUDIO)

Archive Entry Date: 5/30/82

Hear Hugh Mundell at the Keystone Berkeley

John Seabury’s Pino Jam Extravaganza flyer

Archive Entry Date: 8/10/81

This fun flyer, drawn by Psycotic Pinneapple bassist John Seabury

Dead Kennedys Stir Up Trouble At the Keystone (AUDIO)

Archive Entry Date: 6/28/81

The urgent sounds of the Dead Kennedys

Flipper play a KALX benefit at Keystone Berkeley (AUDIO)

Archive Entry Date: 6/28/1981

The slow churning sounds of Flipper

Psycotic Pineapple Live at the Keystone Berkeley (VIDEO)

Archive Entry Date: 3/11/79

Psycotic Pineapple play No Hard Feelings

Psycotic Pineapple flyer

Archive Entry Date: 3/11/79

Quirky sounds at the Keystone Berkeley

Nicky Hopkins Getting Creative

Archive Entry Date: 8/28/78

Versatile piano man Nicky Hopkins

The Talking Heads First National Tour Hit the Keystone Berkeley

Archive Entry Date: 12/7/77

First time The Talking Heads play Berkeley

April ’77

Archive Entry Date: 4/1/77

Soul, Blues, Country, Rock, Punk- The Keystone Berkeley had you covered in April 1977

January 1977

Archive Entry Date: 1/1/77

Herrara used this calendar to advertise the new Keystone in Palo Alto

November 1976

Archive Entry Date: 11/1/76

The busy fall season at the Keystone

September 1975

Archive Entry Date: 9/1/75

Commander Cody one night and John Lee Hooker the next. The Keystone could handle it all.

August 1975

Archive Entry Date: 8/1/75

Local reggae acts and legendary Blues men at the Keystone in the summer

July 1975

Archive Entry Date: 7/1/75

The James Cotton Blues Band, Roy Ayers, and Graham Central Station made for a funky summer

Jerry and Merl at the Keystone Berkeley (AUDIO)

Archive Entry Date: 2/16/74

The funky sounds of Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders

Keystone Kangarood

Archive Entry Date: 09/21/73

Freddie explains some of the difficulties associated with running a small nightclub