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Three Girls In Costume

Archive Entry Date: 1/1/2012

A piece of Peoria history.

Kathy Delacour’s Funeral Program

Archive Entry Date: 6/12/88

A life cut short on the Avenue

Kathy Delacour’s Diary

Archive Entry Date: 1979

"Wasted time.. Wasted memories"

Red Rockets

Archive Entry Date: 1973

The coolest kids on the street

Kathy Delacour Hanging Out on the Ave

Archive Entry Date: c. 1973

At home on Telegraph

Portrait of Kathy Delacour

Archive Entry Date: c. 1973

"People were just drawn to her"

Posing in Dress

Archive Entry Date: c. 1971

Dressing up for—and beyond—the street's 'rag theater'

Rachel Skips through People’s Park

Archive Entry Date: 1970

Childhood play on Telegraph Avenue