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Strike 1969 Pamphlet

Archive Entry Date: c. 3/15/69

The TWLF answered the question: why should students stick their neck out for the cause?

Gas Over Berkeley

Archive Entry Date: 3/7/1969

The Barb on "Reagan's robots" and some confusion within the TWLF after the Berkeley Faculty vote

Faculty at UC Berkeley Votes for Ethnic Studies Department

Archive Entry Date: 3/6/1969

Cal faculty voted for an Ethnic Studies department—not a Third World College

Chancellor Heyns to Academic Senate

Archive Entry Date: 3/4/1969

Heyns lambasted the strike and argued for an Ethnic Studies unit bound by university protocols

twLF Negotiation Notes

Archive Entry Date: 2/1969

The strategy for negotiations with the University

Campus in Clouds of Tear Gas

Archive Entry Date: 2/1969

Police turned the Cal campus into a militarized war zone

Chancellor Heyns on the State of Emergency

Archive Entry Date: 02/5/1969

A crucial moment: Chancellor Heyns asked Governor Reagan to declare a 'state of emergency' and bring in police from elsewhere

Strike On! Survival the Issue

Archive Entry Date: 1/24/1969

Extensive coverage, from the Barb, of the start of the TWLF strike at Berkeley