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Down and Out in Berkeley

Archive Entry Date: 5/1974

A sober 80-page study of life on the street, arguing that 'hippies' were not a large fraction of the homeless

‘Heroin Emergency Life Project’

Archive Entry Date: 2/5/1971

A sign of changing times on the Ave: a new drug treatment project for those ensnared by hard drugs

Junk—Above All, a Very Human Problem

Archive Entry Date: 1/29/1971

Addicts, ex-addicts, doctors, and merchants gathered to wipe out heroin on the Ave

Street Vendors on Telegraph

Archive Entry Date: c. 1970

In a photo, a window onto the handicrafts revolution

Off-the-Street Fair Here

Archive Entry Date: 6/20/1969

The Telegraph Ave Summer Project brought health clinics, jobs and food to the street

Putting the Street Together

Archive Entry Date: 8/23/1968

Telegraph Avenue's business owners and its "Commune" met for two nights to hash out their difficulties