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Black Studies Loss Criticized at Berkeley High School

Archive Entry Date: 9/28/77

The head of Berkeley High's Af-Am program defended the integrity and openness of his program

Educational R&D and Berkeley’s Experimental Schools (Vol. 1)

Archive Entry Date: 11/30/1976

What happened with Berkeley's 23 alternative schools? A 580-page study gives a fine-grained answer

Malcolm X Celebration

Archive Entry Date: 05/14/1975

Berkeley's Black Studies program held an arts celebration to remember


Archive Entry Date: 5/31/74

The experimental Genesis High School sought to temper hierarchies between students and teachers in a multiracial setting


Archive Entry Date: 5/31/74

An experimental school that sought to ground Berkeley high schoolers in democratic practice and activism

Alternative Schools for Minority Students

Archive Entry Date: 5/31/73

A lengthy consideration, from a civil rights law perspective, of Berkeley's Black House and Casa de la Raza

Asian Student Retreat

Archive Entry Date: 5/31/71

From Berkeley High's 1971 yearbook, a poem, portraits, and reflections on an Asian Studies retreat

Negro Educator Group Endorses Black House

Archive Entry Date: 3/2/71

The Oakland-based Black Aces articulated the rationale for Berkeley's "Black House"

Black Studies formed at Berkeley High

Archive Entry Date: 6/30/1968

Berkeley High established the first Black Studies program in the Bay Area

Negro History Taught at All School Levels

Archive Entry Date: 5/15/68

A full desegregation effort meant desegregating the curriculum too

$349,870 Approved by State For ’68 ESEA School Program Here

Archive Entry Date: 12/16/1967

Federal funds were channeled to programs for Berkeley's poorer children