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Berkeley and Busing—Still Short of Aims

Archive Entry Date: 5/20/1976

Eight years after the buses rolled, a LA Times reporter suggested the project of school desegregation had become ever more complicated

How School Busing Works in One Town

Archive Entry Date: 9/27/1970

The New York Times Magazine sympathetically appraised Berkeley's desegregation efforts

Berkeley’s School Integration Program Proceeds Smoothly

Archive Entry Date: 9/2/1968

On the advent of the new busing program, the LA Times found cause for optimism

On The Way

Archive Entry Date: 8/31/1968

On the eve of the buses rolling, the school district laid out how it and the larger community had prepared

Berkeley ’68

Archive Entry Date: 03/31/1968

Five months before the buses would roll, the BUSD explained how school desegregation would work