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Black Studies Loss Criticized at Berkeley High School

Archive Entry Date: 9/28/77

The head of Berkeley High's Af-Am program defended the integrity and openness of his program

Malcolm X Celebration

Archive Entry Date: 05/14/1975

Berkeley's Black Studies program held an arts celebration to remember

Keep Black Studies in Ethnic Studies!

Archive Entry Date: 11/11/1974

The struggle to halt the divide & conquer strategy of the University.

The Blood Runs Cold

Archive Entry Date: 10/10/1969

Seven months after the TWLF strike, black leaders reflected on the gains of the struggle and its future

Black Studies formed at Berkeley High

Archive Entry Date: 6/30/1968

Berkeley High established the first Black Studies program in the Bay Area

Black Studies Proposal

Archive Entry Date: Spring 1968

The proposal which inspired and laid the groundwork for the Third World College