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The Rainbow Sign Can Use Some Help

Archive Entry Date: 4/18/1975

With Nina Simone's help, Mary Ann Pollar clarified the Rainbow Sign's educational mission

How School Busing Works in One Town

Archive Entry Date: 9/27/1970

The New York Times Magazine sympathetically appraised Berkeley's desegregation efforts

Runaway Roundup—For Revenge?

Archive Entry Date: 7/24/1970

The Barb punched back against police roundups of runaways

Runaway Crackdown Continues

Archive Entry Date: 7/18/1970

Police rousted 175 runaway teens to push them out of town — and found a telling postcard in one raid

Police Begin Crackdown on City’s Summer Runaways

Archive Entry Date: 7/17/1970

Many young people were rounded up within five minutes of arriving in Berkeley