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Not Suitable for Livestock

Archive Entry Date: 3/10/1978

Finding safe hormones could be a huge challenge

Transsexuals Plan Wedding

Archive Entry Date: 12/17-23/1976

Angela Douglas gets married

The Story of Suzy Cooke

Archive Entry Date: 1974

An extensive interview about a trans woman's life in 1970s Berkeley

Suzy Cooke on Angela Douglas

Archive Entry Date: 12/31/1974

The two met while working in Berkeley

Transsexuals’ Dilemma

Archive Entry Date: 7/12-18/1974

A TERF writes about Angela and she shows her true colors

Angela Douglas Biography

Archive Entry Date: 1978

A quick lowdown on Angela Douglas

SF Report in Mirage

Archive Entry Date: 1974

San Francisco isn't quite what it seems to the public eye

Berkeley Barb Slanders Douglas

Archive Entry Date: 1974

Mirage responds to the July 1974 profile of Douglas in the Barb

Peace Banner Helps Sisters Bridge Sex

Archive Entry Date: 11/12-11/18 1971

Angela Douglas comments on exclusion in feminist spaces and the nature of war, displaying her own political faults