At the center of any strike live the demands—what is going to be won or lost in the long struggle. At their core, the Third World Liberation Front’s demands were more than just bureaucratic demands from the University. These demands were concrete ‘asks’ forged out of the ideological struggle, and extending from the premise of the twLF — self-determination for Third World people at every level and aspect, both within the University and globally.

The Third World Liberation Front existed in a struggle against and within a colonial institution anchored in a Eurocentrism that fully denied the humanity and existence of Third World people. Creating a space within the ivory tower was one part of this self-determination. However, it was recognized how Third World communities often were excluded from this space in the first place, and the Third World College was dreamed to anchor in community engagement and empowerment, which can be seen in the third demand.

To give anything less than these demands was to deny full humanity and self-determination to Third World students.