In this eight-page pamphlet, distributed in the run-up to a March 12 “Third World College Day,” the TWLF aimed to keep up the pressure on Chancellor Heyns in the aftermath of a decision, by the Faculty Senate, to endorse the creation of an Ethnic Studies department (here called a “Third World Department”). The pamphlet includes analysis of Heyns’s strategy of “stalling” and of the police occupation of campus, as well as the detailed TWLF proposals for the Third World College, Afro-American Studies, Native American Studies, Chicano Studies, and Asian Studies.


In the cover image of the pamphlet, several leaders of twLF—Richard Aoki of the Asian American Political Alliance, Charles Brown of the Afro-American Student Union, and Manuel Delgado of the Mexican American Student Confederation—join hands in solidarity in the fight against Eurocentric education. (The head of the United Native Americans—LaNada Warjack, the only woman among the top leadership of the twLF—was not depicted in the photo.) Through the term “solidarity,” the twLF sought to bring together the histories and cultures of Asian Americans, Chicano Americans, African Americans, and Native Americans in a united front to fight for Third World Studies.