In a 3-1 vote, Director Samuel Markowitz’s effort to usher in a system of “hiring, promotion, transfer or dismissal of district employees…without regard to race, religion, national origin or sex” failed, Markowitz evidently alone among the school board directors in thinking that affirmative action had already accomplished its goals and could be discontinued. Combined with the article The Berkeley Daily Gazette ran fifteen days earlier, a front page article titled “Teacher Here Says Berkeley Schools Won’t Hire Whites,” the tension surrounding the hiring of teachers and other district attorneys would only have grown with such a dismissal of their concerns. More importantly to the fate of the experimental schools, Markowitz’s “suggestion revolving dealings with students not be subject to race, religion, national origin or sex is under study by [Superintendent] Foster’s staff,” a principle which would have undermined the solidarity minority students found in experimental schools. Roh soon replaced Markowitz on the board, Markowitz electing not to run for reelection.