Although Rocky Horror Picture Show is vague on to what degree the character Frank-N-Furter should be understood as transgender vs cross-dressing, and the article is neither by nor about trans people, it’s still significant to see evidence of cross-dressing become such a widespread phenomenon in light of Rocky Horror. Of course, Rocky Horror has enjoyed much more support, for much longer, than trans people have, possibly as a result of the movie’s arguably sensationalist and exotified take on gender non-conformity. Yet there is still something worth examining in the fact that Frank-N-Furter’s costume was reportedly the most common, as well as the quotes offered in this article attesting to the “sexiness” of Tim Curry’s character. Of course, fetishization of trans people was definitely a phenomenon at the time (as it is today), but certain quotes attesting to the pleasure of dressing in drag are still worth noting.