In this news report, Berkeley Gazette reporter Lari Blumenfeld outlined Berkeley Police’s “hard-line crackdown and roundup of runaways flocking to Berkeley.”

Police made over 100 calls to parents within a week as a part of the newly implemented plan to solve the “problem” of Berkeley’s young runaway population by rounding up young people shortly after they arrived in the city. (Many young people, the reporter notes, were taken by police within five minutes of arriving in the city.)

Interestingly, the article cites a crash pad rape as a primary motivator for Sargent C.D. Glenn to enact his vigilant plan to get runaways off the streets. Yet the later part of the article seems to suggest that most people were unhappy with the burden that these runaways placed on their city: there appears to have been a tension among Berkeley citizens between a desire to protect these young folks and a disapproval of their mere presence.

The article also reveals the wide range in parents’ responses to updates about their children’s whereabouts. Some expressed relief after months of searching; others were apathetic, or scornful of the police’s aggressive tactics.