The Sun Reporter broke it down like this:

“John King places his emphasis on community work, especially working with children, to develop ‘black imagery’ He has ‘respect for all life, people and animals; especially people who suffered negative value stereotypes.’ His career objective is ‘peak utilization of my educational experiences and abilities in Fine Art, Art Education, Drawing and Painting, Educational Sociology (with emphasis on minorities) and other related experiences to develop a kinsethetic sense of our environment and man’s existence.”

An educator as well as artist, King worked in the Elk Grove Unified School District as a “classroom master teacher” and instructor of 5th and 6th grade social studies and art. He received his B.S. from Alabama State University and his M. A. from San Jose State, majoring in Art and Educational Sociology with a minor in Sociology and History.

King’s values align beautifully with those of Rainbow Sign: focusing not only on personal artistic excellence but on strengthening community by empowering black youth to find their own expressive voice.