Of this photograph, Nacio Jan Brown wrote: “There was no one to take care of her, but she was able to take care of this little dog, as well as another magnificent big dog she had” (Rag Theater, p. 53).

In one of her reminiscences of life on the Avenue, Jodi Mitchell wrote, that the young woman “and her dog Jeremy, who we called Marble Cake, was a part of my life. She had an abusive junkie boyfriend and was dazed and terrified and practically mute when I knew her. B. and I would go to La Fiesta restaurant, to eat off the plates left behind by diners and not yet bussed—yes, we ate unfinished food left on plates by paying customers—and would scrape some food off to bring to [the young woman], as she would not come in with us.”

The photograph itself notably splits our focus between the wind-swept face of the young woman, huddling in the cold, and her begrimed, bare feet, which help form her dog’s shelter.