Beth Elliott, vice president of the San Francisco Daughter’s of Bilitis at the time of this article, is a transgender woman who was the topic of a major controversy at the West Coast Lesbian Conference in 1973. Here, her op-ed is in response to William Beardemphl’s conservative views regarding the Gay Liberation Movement is failing. Beardemphl was opinion columnist for The Bay Area Reporter , a newspaper produced and supposedly intended for every faction of the gay community since 1971. While this speaks in particular to the exclusion of lesbians from the gay community and the Reporter itself, Beth Elliott is a trans woman and so it also relates with the exclusion of trans women. Elliott’s hardcore disregard for the Reporter reveals her animosity, and probably harkens with the degree of trans readership. Her main discussion regards how the work of lesbians is overlooked in the movement despite all of the organizing that gets done to develop educational programs. There has been a general distaste and misogyny directed toward lesbians by gay men in San Francisco, and Elliott is fighting back by highlighting the work she does to make sure that Gay Lib keeps moving forward.