This article, published during Beth Elliott’s tenure as President of the San Francisco Daughters of Bilitis (or Vice President–the sources vary, but they usually refer to her as Vice President at the time of her ouster). It’s another piece of evidence that Beth Elliott was highly engaged in feminist and lesbian activism, and gave a lot of her time to the movement–in this case, joining as a state delegate to the California Committee on Sexual Law Reform.

The article, published in a Los Angeles lesbian underground newspaper called The Lesbian Tide, emphatically supports Beth Elliott, although she is not included in the title or last paragraph due to not being from the paper’s home city. It’s also interesting that they seem to be referring to LA as “this country’s largest gay community,” given stereotypical assumptions about LA and New York.

Beth Elliott was the SF contact for The Lesbian Tide. The paper would later issue a notice supporting her after she was kicked out of the DOB.