Asian American Political Alliance (AAPA) was one of the member organizations in the coalition. Its general statement, which contains an initial proposal for its structure, serves as a way to deeper understand the inner workings of each coalition member organization and their own values and principles, which would in turn shape the twLF.

In particular, the emphasis on trust and affinity—as major pieces of movement building and as key to the functioning of a radical organization—is important. In its vision, AAPA aimed not to be hierarchal and reproduce the oppressive systems they exist in, but rather to exercise revolutionary imagination in order to create “a better society which people can live as people.”

The focus on effective action as leadership, not just charisma and being the face of actions, is important in establishing the foundations for a horizontal organization and movement building. It also values work which is not deemed and marked as masculine—a quality that militant and angry public displays are often attributed with. Rather, it allows space for, and recognition of, the important work which might have been feminized in the movement.

Additionally, the creation of “us groups” as the unit to create a sense of community continues to emphasize the importance of friendship and personal relationships in the building of movements. After all, at the heart of any struggle is the sense of us and community that is held and cherished.